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Why BBB Accreditation?

Establish Trust

When people see the BBB seal on your door or website, they know you’re a business they can trust (Nielsen survey, 2015).

Increase Online Exposure

Your BBB Accredited Business profile can include your logo, photos and videos, links to your website, social media and more.

Manage Customer Relations

We’re here when you need us to help find a resolution and manage customer concerns before they hit a critical level.

Build a Better Network

We offer events and other opportunities throughout the year to help you connect with other BBB Accredited Business owners.

Be a Local Hero

Make a difference in your community by helping us provide scholarships, scam alerts, financial literacy for military and vets, and more.

Provide Expertise

The media depend on us for credible business experts and resources to provide public education to help instill consumer confidence.

"The BBB has a reputation of always doing the right thing, being there for business. We value that as a company so that’s why we are very proud to be an accredited member."

Lori Oelhafen

Manager of Consumer Affairs | Harley-Davidson

Exclusively for BBB Accredited Businesses

Additional benefits for Wisconsin BBB Accredited Business owners include...
  • Get the most that accreditation provides with personal, one-on-one support.
  • Update your business info, track inquiries, respond to reviews and more - online, 24/7.
  • Live customer support for you and your employees is simply a phone call away.
  • Receive requests for estimates directly from potential customers with Request-A-Quote.
  • BBB Online Store offers decals, stickers, window clings and more - FREE, including shipping.

We invite you to start with BBB Accreditation.